Work with Andrea

Are you ready to transform your limiting beliefs into expansive growth and powerful change?

I work with businesses and individuals who are looking to question anywhere their thinking has them stuck.  The Work works with anyone whose mind is open – I invite you to test it for yourself, and access your own phenomenal wisdom and clear mind.

Here are some ways to work with me:

Private Sessions. Everything necessary to do The Work is always available for free at  It can also be very powerful and supportive to do The Work with a Certified Facilitator.  The wisdom that comes from meeting the four questions is always your own. What I offer is the ability to introduce you to the tools and guide you respectfully and patiently to inner spaces where you can question and resolve your own limiting beliefs.

Private sessions cost $75.  Sessions are an hour, and I like to leave 60-90  minutes for the first session to leave extra time for questions.

Group Sessions.   I am available to work with commercial and non-profit organizations to developed workshops specifically targeting:

  • Advancing team health and wellness objectives around stress reduction
  • Improving communications among staff member and clients
  • Examining new ways to invite creativity and innovation into your organization

Business Programs.  I am happy to meet with you to understand your specific challenges and design programs to help you and your team question limiting beliefs that may standing in the way of personal and organizational goals.

I invite you to contact me to get started.