Everything necessary to do The Work for free is always available at

Some of the resources to get you started include:

The Judge Your Neighbor Worksheet:  In that situation that caused you to experience stress/anger/fear/sadness, what were you thinking and believing?  The Judge-Your-Neighbor-Worksheet is where you capture everything you were thinking and believing in that moment so you can question it.

The Little Book: Contains the essence of The Work of Byron Katie, available as a free download.  Available in 32 languages at

Do The Work Helpline: Volunteer facilitators from the Institute for The Work of Byron Katie are available to do The Work with you.  The Helpline is free and anonymous.  Volunteers can facilitate you, help you fill out a Judge Your Neighbor Worksheet, and answer your questions about The Work.

Videos with Katie: Witness Byron Katie do The Work with people who want to know the truth about their stressful thoughts and answer questions about The Work.