About Andrea

Hi, I’m Andrea. I am a Certified Facilitator in The Work of Byron Katie.  

The Work is my profession, personal practice, and a deep passion of mine.

When this way of questioning my thoughts came into my life in 2013, I was in severe chronic pain and suicidal. I was not able to work. I was not able to get out of bed most of the time.  And much worse than the pain: I was deeply ashamed. I was so ashamed I found myself believing I didn’t even deserve the air I was breathing.

As I began to question my thinking, my life began to transform. When I met my violent thinking with compassion, I began to be kinder to myself.  I began to see how I was supported in my life in ways that were impossible for me to see when I was believing I should be doing better than I was.

And then I began to get healthier.  As my mind got healthier, the body began to follow.

When I stopped attacking myself, I started being able to get out of bed more. My relationships improved.  My energy and focus improved.

My ability to tap into my own inner wisdom – wisdom that had been so obscured by my shameful and confused thinking – improved.

When I began questioning my thoughts, my world got kinder and continues to get kinder with every thought I meet with understanding.


Every time I question what I am thinking in the places where I feel stuck, I am met with clarity and insight.  Creative solutions become apparent that were unavailable to me when I was believing my thoughts.  I feel free to create – in life and in business – in ways that are powerful, effective, ethical and focused.

In my experience, the potential for growth that comes from this practice is exponential.

Where in your life or business are you feeling stuck?

It is my heart’s desire to share this practice with you.  It is a privilege to hold space for you to answer the four questions and turnarounds wherever you feel stress, and to witness you meeting your thoughts with understanding.

It is an honor to witness you tapping into the most powerful source of transformation available: your own inner wisdom.  Please contact me with any questions or if you are ready to get started.